Namaste Yoga: A surreal Yoga experience on TV

If you have meant to try your hands, or in this case, your entire body at the ancient practice of yoga, then Namaste Yoga is an excellent program. It is a television series created by Namaste TV and as of now, three seasons have been produced. The first two seasons aired in 2004 alone and after ten long years, season three got realized in 2014. A fourth season is also in the making and will come out soon. Now the time off between the seasons might have you questioning the quality/reception of the show, but the real reason might be that “perfectionism often initiates procrastination.”

The show is unlike many other yoga based tv shows which are pumped with fast music or distracting voice overs. It nails everything perfectly from the rhythm to the pacing, and even the music and scenery are subliminally appealing. Kate Potter choreographed and voiced the first two seasons of the show, and you will love her calm and soothing voice. In fact, it can itself substitute as a stress reliever.

Under Potter’s guidance, you will learn unique Vinyasa yoga techniques which will have you transition between different yoga postures coupled with coordinated breathing. This area needs further appraisal as the flow with which all these techniques are taught and practiced, is well thought-out and is perfect for beginners and expert yogi’s alike.

In the third season, Erica Blitz takes on the task of hosting the show. She will also be there for the upcoming fourth installment. The overall essence of the show is still maintained with calm voice overs, soothing music, appealing scenery and most important, understandable lessons. Blitz’s techniques combine different yoga styles like Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Anusara.

The best part about the show, as mentioned, is that all of the lessons are very well paced. This doesn’t mean that it is very simple. But it is oriented in such a way that you will not get frustrated, which is essentially the reason for doing yoga – attaining peace of mind. Most of the shows are approximately 22 mins long and are also available on DVD or online platforms such as YouTube. You will be able to incorporate them easily into your life and see significant changes.

Yoga has shown positive results in different studies that it can relieve mental stress and help in psychological healing. The effectiveness of the disciple is directly proportional to the execution. This, in turn, is dependent on how well your yoga instructor has taught you. Now as far as in-home yoga learning is concerned, Namaste Yoga doesn’t have superior alternatives. So you can rest assured that you are going to have some proactive and stress-free days after incorporating the show into your schedule. A great alternative is to check out¬†for a progressive program that you can follow at your own pace at home.