Are You Ready to Be Pain Free?

Has your Doctor said you need to de-stress? Do you have constant pain in mankneadingbackyour back? Herniated or bulging discs? Are you facing surgery and really want to try everything you can to avoid it?Do you want to reduce or even stop taking medications to control pain? Would you like to learn how to take control of your stress and pain?

Your answer of YES to any of these means you are ready for this! Beginning in April, 2014, we are working closely with your Doctors and Physical Therapists to bring comprehensive 8 Week programs and individual private trainings designed specifically for your chronic/recurring pain management.

How are these programs different from Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is necessary for acute injury and recovery from major surgeries, yet can be a bit much for the lower level chronic pain sufferer (called non-specific pain by your doctor) whose tests may show little to nothing to explain why you are in pain.

These programs are executed by trained professionals and designed from existing scientific evidence that proves their efficacy. This means we have done our science and research homework on what has been shown to work, fused models of neuroscience, fitness, breath, core engagement and manual therapy interventions to stop pain in its tracks.

These programs will give you the tools you need to help your body heal itself. With successful completion, you can relinquish your reliance on medications (talk to your doctor of course) and return to a fun-filled active lifestyle. Our goal is your health, your life, and to help you live pain free.

Call our office at 702-977-9050 for more information, or fill in the contact form below with your questions and to schedule your evaluation.Our Therapist will contact you personally to answer your questions. Please allow 24Hrs for us to respond.

Check with your Doctor as ask if they are enrolled in the Coughlin Therapeutic Center VIP Dr. Programs, that will give you access to discounts and extra privileges because your Doctor cares about their patients enough to cover that for you!


Coughlin Therapeutic Center works in co-operation with Namaste Yoga Studio for pain free healthy living.



  1. lawrence says:

    Ive been living with back pain for years. I have tried everything to relieve the pain. I keep myself very physically fit but cant fix the pain in my back.

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